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In the European Union, the quality pellet standard is determined solely by a European Standard (EN 14961-2) which has specific requirements – length, diameter, ash content, moisture content, etc. By selecting quality pellets, tested and confirmed by the Bioterm Laboratory of Ecotherm Project, each user saves inconveniences, often by cleaning the boiler, which is minimized by the use of quality fuel. In practice, with grade A1 pellets, you can achieve and even surpass the comfort of heating when using gas, electricity and naphtha.

The main parameters of the Bioterror Laboratory of Ecotherm Project are 10:

Parameter 1: color

The color of pellets depends on the wood from which they are produced or the addition of bark. The darker the pellets, the more bark there is in the material. This is also a prerequisite for higher ash content. As a result, frequent cleaning of the ashtray and the heat exchanger of the boiler is necessary.

– Yellow pellets – probably containing straw;

– Black pellets – made from sunflower flakes or impurities;

– Pellets with brownish color and aroma of olive oil – made from the taste;

– Greyish color – may be due to the long bedding of pellets in some warehouse. They have taken moisture from the air, and perhaps mold has developed.

Parameter 2: low mechanical strength

If there is a lot of dust in the transfer bags, it means that the mechanical strength is low. Pellets are brittle. There is a likelihood that their quantity will be less than what was announced. This is a prerequisite for congestion of the burner internal auger and deterioration of combustion.

Especially harmful at the fireplaces.

Parameter 3: high mechanical strength

If the pellets are very hard, there will almost be no dust in the sacks. It is then probable that the internal auger of the burner and the fireplace can not easily break them, which is a prerequisite for blocking it.

Parameter 4: pellet length

By default, the length must be a maximum of 3-4 cm. Larger length is a prerequisite for blocking the burner internal screw. Especially harmful to the fireplaces.

Long pellets are a constant problem. They block the gearboxes after a few hours of work. By crossing the channel, they lead to jamming.

Parameter 5: Pellet diameter

According to standards, the diameter of the pellets is ø6 or ø8. Larger diameters may not be able to move from the external auger to the hopper. It is also a prerequisite for blocking the internal auger of the burner and the fireplace. The nonstandard size (ø5 or other) means that the pellets are produced in a feed machine and have added glues.

Parameter 6: shiny pellets

Pellets have low humidity. A small amount of water is used in their production. It means that the pellets will have high hardness and will burn efficiently.

Parameter 7: Matte pellets

Pellets have high humidity. A large amount of water is used in their production. It means that the pellets will have low mechanical strength and will easily break. This is a prerequisite for a lot of dust, and from there a blockage and blockage of the internal auger of the burner and the fireplace.

Parameter 8: Smooth surface

The quality pellets are free of cracks and protrusions, which is a prerequisite for efficient combustion.

Parameter 9: flavor

The smell that is felt must be the same as when burning wood. If it smells like resin, it means it is coniferous and is suitable for use. If they are from biomass other than wood, they have a flavor of their content. This is a prerequisite for high ash content and poor combustion.

Parameter 10: Test for the presence of adhesives

A pellet with a lighter is ignited. If it combusts easily and keeps burning, it means that there are little impurities in the adhesive. If it ignites hard and smokes or quickly quenches – there is a lot of glue. This is a prerequisite for a poor fueling process.

Ecotherm Project remains available with its Biofuel Research Laboratory.

Any user who wishes to explore the qualities of the fuel he uses can take advantage of the competent and professional conclusion of the company’s experts in order to enjoy the comfort of heating and respect for the environment.

More information about Ecotherm The project and the range of products offered can be obtained from the distribution network all over the country and from other company websites.