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Heat pumps and hybrid systems produced in Germany. New solutions from Ekoterm Proekt.


Split Air-Water Heat Pumps BWL-1S (B)

The BWL-1S (B) Heat Pumps are one of Wolf’s most innovative system solutions. These heat pumps are ideal for all areas where both cooling and heating are required. By modifying the heating, cooling and DHW output, BWL-1S (B) heat pumps operate economically and reliably under all operating conditions. The compact outdoor unit can be installed within 25 m of the indoor unit, only two cooling lines of Ø10 mm and Ø16 mm are required. This provides a high degree of flexibility and easy installation. The outdoor unit saves space and can be mounted on the base of a building or on an outside wall.

The BWL-1S (B) Heat Pumps at a glance:

Electronic output control via inverter compressor.
High conversion efficiency COP to 3.8 at A2 / W35 (EN 14511).
Integrated calorimeter.
Fully compatible with the Wolf management system.
Working with a built-in BM-2 programming module or an AM module.
Wolf Link Home / WLAN Interface Module, enabling communication via a smartphone, laptop or computer.
Integrated high efficiency EEI pump <0.23.
6 kW electric heating element (400V or 230V connection options).
They can also be supplied as BWL-1S (B): indoor unit without electric heater, for dual mode operation with external heat source (gas / pellets / solar energy).
It is also available in combination with the CEW-2-200 cylinder boiler.
Hydraulic assembly kit is available and quick installation on site of the tank and the indoor unit. CEW-2-200.


Wolf heat pumps have been awarded the EHPA Quality label for an overall quality guarantee and the highest level of protection for the environment and consumers.

Wolf’s heat pumps have the SG Ready (SG = smart grid) label – a reward for these heat pumps, which are equipped with controls to allow them to be integrated into a smart grid.

Hybrid system: A split air-to-water heat pump combined with a gas condensing boiler

Two leading technologies offered by Wolf combined intelligently with each other: The BWL-1SB air-to-water heat pump pumps for heating and cooling effectively use the available heat in the environment. Only when the outside temperatures fall to frost, the CGB-2 BlueStream® gas condensing boiler with high power reserves ensures the user’s thermal comfort. In this way, a high degree of flexibility is achieved in the installation of the internal wall modules, as the modules can be mounted in the same place apart or separately from one another. This makes this hybrid system the ideal system solution for both retrofit of existing buildings and new building construction.

Hybrid technology at a glance:

  • High performance and temperature comfort, thanks to the energy-efficient gas condensing technology.
  • Optimal heat recovery from the environment by split air-to-water heat pump with inverter control of the compressor.
  • Intelligent hybrid control via eBUS communication, taking into account electricity and gas prices.
  • Automatic use of the cheapest energy source in each case.
  • High temperatures of heating water, even when outside temperatures fall to very low values.
  • Install the compact internal heat pump and gas condensing boiler modules together or separately.
  • The Wolf Link Home / WLAN module allows communication via a smartphone, laptop or computer.
  • Integrated high efficiency pumps EEI <0.23.

Access to Wolf Portal (tablet installer level is displayed)


Perfect control of your system via smartphone and computer

User level: Wolf Smartset application for smartphones or Wolf portal

Using the Wolf Link Home or Wolf Link Pro and Wolf Port interface, the Smartset smartphone application allows users to conveniently use their heating systems with their smartphone wherever they are. The Internet connection will only be made if it is enabled by the user.

Installer level: Wolf portal

Full access to the selected heating system is possible through the Wolf installer level. The system components are graphically illustrated in different schemes and the respective operating modes are shown. Settings can be made and the parameters can be called up and changed. In addition, the embedded data logger can record values ​​and conditions that can also be displayed in graphical form. In addition, the active error messages and error history list are displayed.

Service Level: Wolf Smartset PC app

The Smartset for Windows PC allows the system to be configured and diagnosed on the spot, for example during a call. The connection between the PC and the Wolf Link Home or Wolf Link Pro interface modules is established directly with a network cable. The structure and functional range of the Smartset PC app corresponds to that of the Wolf portal, including the installer level.


User-friendly level for monitoring and tuning through Wolf Smartset app

Significant advantages:

    • Easy and clear work.
    • Switching the mode of operation.
    • Consumption of heating / standby mode.
    • Setting the heating and DHW heating programs.
    • Enter value.
    • Display of solar yield.
    • Show and record all relevant temperatures and operating conditions.
    • Show active error messages and error history.
    • Managing several heating systems by installers.
    • Opportunity for remote diagnostics by service specialists.

Additional information about Ekoterm Proekt and the range of products offered can be obtained from the distribution network throughout the country.