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Automated pellet boiler Pelletherm PHAETHON #The new name of innovation for the heating comfort

With the start of the 2018-2019 heating season, Ekoterm Proekt offers a wide variety of new products, one of which is the automated Pelletherm PHAETHON pellet boiler developed by the R & D department of the GreenEcoTherm brand.

Pelletherm PHAETHON pellet boilers are designed for domestic and company heating as well as for domestic hot water during the summer season. They guarantee high efficiency and reliability, with the boilers available with a pellet transport option. Comfort heating is provided by automatic burning of wood pellets conforming to BDS EN ISO 17225-2: 2014 as well as fully automated processes, functional integrated management including fuel transportation. Pelletherm PHAETHON allows you to work with the ecoNET300 Internet module, which creates user convenience through online boiler management and process monitoring, including the burning process. Embedded components, like all GreenEcoTherm products, come from prestigious european manufacturers.

The indicators that make us choose Pelletherm PHAETHON:


The high efficiency (> 93%) and the use of wood pellets of different quality guarantee a low heating cost.


A combination of the most successful, tested and established in the company’s practice products, such as a three-way boiler and a burner with a rotating combustion chamber.


The rotating combustion chamber provides a continuous combustion process, eliminating the need to frequently stop the combustion process for mechanical cleaning. This is a prerequisite for greater efficiency and better combustion emissions as there are no transient fuel ignition processes after cleaning.


Full access to all controller features by using an internet module. All service features are fully accessible by using it. Users can take advantage of the clearly visualized boiler history in the form of graphics.


Easy service, high efficiency, reliability and safety. Possibility to control all basic functions of central heating and domestic hot water.

And in detail:

Broshura Pelletherm Phaethon EN 2018-09Technical date

Pelletherm PHAETHON is the best for so many reasons:

  • Rotating combustion chamber and unpretentious fuel quality – All grades of wood pellets used in domestic use boilers according to BDS EN ISO 17225-2: 2014;
  • Quality burning, with a small ash volume guaranteeing service life, without manual cleaning (months of continuous operation);
  • Intuitive and easy to use;
  • Unique design, attractive display with touch panel, providing relevant information on the operation of the facility;
  • Automatic ignition;
  • Fuzzy Logic of the combustion process, which reduces the number of work interruptions, fuel and electricity consumption and increases the quality of power modulation;
  • Ability to monitor the flue gas temperature;
  • Adjustment of the thermal power in a wide range;
  • Automated boiler operation – Temperature control with universal thermostat or special remote control with touchscreen and built-in thermostat to ensure maximum thermal comfort and fuel economy;
  • Optional modules (option) for control of the mixing systems (pump, temperature sensors, three-way valve);
  • Ability to control outdoor temperature;
  • Ability to control a chimney blower that solves the problem of chimney draft and ensures safe operation of the facility;
  • Built-in weekly programmer;
  • Remote control;
  • Summer / winter function;
  • Microprocessor module for control of boiler parameters with (touch screen) display;
  • Modular hopper and possibility of automatic fueling from another external tank by pneumatic transport;
  • Mechanical manual cleaning of the heat exchanger;
  • Steel tri-structure design, enabling dynamic boiler operation;
  • Passwords to limit access levels for service personnel;
  • Fresh air and flue gas fans are equipped with Hall sensors that enhance the quality of power modulation, reliability and safety of the system;
  • They meet all the requirements of the LVD, EMC and EN 303-5 directives;
  • Ecological exploitation – emission levels cover the most stringent European requirements;
  • Elementary base entirely made by reputable European manufacturers.

The Pelletherm PHAETHON automatic pellet boiler is available in the range of 35 to 80 kW as follows:

Broshura Pelletherm Phaethon EN 2018-09

With the purchase of a product from the Ekoterm Proekt distribution network, consumers receive not only a highly efficient, environmentally friendly and economical solution for home and industrial heating, but also a comprehensive service – installation, initial start up, adjustment, monitoring, warranty and post warranty service.

More information about Ekoterm Proekt and the range of products offered can be obtained from the distribution network all over the country, on the internet page or on the company’s Facebook page.