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Heat pumps Mirai SPLIT from EMMETI – maximum efficiency with minimal cost

Ekoterm Proekt continues the tradition of offering to the Bulgarian consumer innovative, environmentally friendly and certified products that fully meet its real needs and guarantee comfortable living conditions.

Split air-to-water heat pumps are among the best effective and environmentally-friendly solutions for maintaining the microclimate of homes both during the summer and winter season as well as during the transition seasons. They can be used alone or in hybrid heating, cooling and domestic hot water systems exclusively offered by the Ekoterm Proekt under its own GreenEcoTherm brand.


EMPATI MIRAI SPLIT Heat Pumps are available in compact sizes as well as a full range of functionalities as heating and cooling system components, such as the circulation pump, expansion tank and temperature controllers, are integrated into the machine. The appliance consists of two devices – an internal hydraulic module and an external module with a refrigerant circuit R410A. Both devices are connected to the refrigerant circulation lines. The simplified installation meets the flexibility of the machine, which can operate at an outside temperature of -20 ° C, suitable for different types of systems such as radiant systems (heating / cooling), thermal air heaters (cassettes or fan-coils) and low temperature radiator heating, thanks to the wide range of flow temperature settings that can reach up to 55 ° C. A “DC Inverter” technology is used that allows continuous power variation according to system requirements and optimized power consumption management, thus increasing the performance of the plant to ensure that strict criteria are met for energy efficiency.




High COP / EER (conversion factor / energy efficiency ratio). The efficiency of MIRAI SPLIT heat pumps is among the highest in its category and provides high energy efficiency for both heating and cooling.

Innovative inverter technology delivers low power consumption and high heat and cooling performance, especially in transient seasons, when the building’s heating load is low and does not need to work with the nominal heat pump output.

The combination of hermetic compressor with dual rotary DC inverter and control electronics is able to handle even the smallest change in the desired temperature, which is possible thanks to the combined amplitude modulation and the operating frequency. This technology leads to the removal of peak power consumption during start-up and, in addition, to a significant reduction in total electricity consumption.

Noise and vibration are extremely low due to the optimally balanced brushless rotary compressor, which is achieved thanks to a double piston with an opposite eccentricity relative to the axis of rotation.

The outside body casing is made of galvanized sheets according to EN10142 standard and is painted with epoxy polyester powders resistant both to ultraviolet rays and outdoor climatic conditions. These treatments provide high resistance to corrosion and erosion.

Due to the location of the hydraulic connections and the intuitive connection of the electrical switchboard, the heat pump installation is easy and fast. Maintenance is convenient and simplified due to the specific construction of the facility that allows access to all elements.

EMMETI’s MIRAI SPLIT Heat Pumps are designed for users looking for high performance and efficiency while also having low heating and cooling costs and extremely quiet operation.

The various available power and technical data of individual heat pump models can be found HERE (https://ecotherm.bg/project/emmeti-mirai-split/)

The offered MIRAI SPLIT split heat pumps function efficiently and reliably in integrated hybrid systems in conjunction with a gas condensate or pellet heating boiler to provide heating, cooling and domestic hot water preparation.

Master schematic of a hybrid system with MIRAI SPLIT heat pump, pellet boiler, solar collector and inertia tank (Emmeti Sra)










The mission of Ecotherm is to continue to offer users complete system solutions through innovative hybrid systems that provide the opportunity to talk about “artificial intellect” in heating and cooling. The hybrid heat pump will provide climate comfort as well as domestic hot water for every household. The heating boiler can be used to reach higher temperatures while the heat pump can provide low-temperature heating and cooling at reduced cost and significantly lower energy consumption. Thanks to the communication between the two heat sources, intelligent hybrid systems can help optimize operating costs, improve energy efficiency and reduce carbon dioxide emissions. At present, when we are increasingly aware of the need for fresh air and the protection of human health, give preference to the best for you and the environment!

More information about Ecotherm The project and the range of products offered can be obtained from the distribution network all over the country, on the websites here and www.emmeti.bg or on Facebook’s Facebook page.