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New gas condensing combined boilers by Ekoterm Proekt

More efficient, more functional, more elegant ...

The most important issues of our time related to energy consumption are cost reduction, environmental protection and the use of “smart” facilities.

All these questions are answered by the new gas condensing boilers offered by the Ekoterm Proekt, the SRS series and the SSP series, produced by the Turkish company Alarko, with power: 20 kW, 24 kW, 28 kW and 36 kW. The facilities are compatible for combustion of natural gas and LPG. They comply with EN 15502 (gas boilers with rated thermal inputs up to 1000 kW) and are certified according to EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility) Directive and LVD (Low Voltage Directive) by an accredited organization. They feature a sleek, modern design that fits perfectly into the interior of every home.

The innovative condensing technology used and the built-in high-quality heat exchangers make it possible for the exhaust gases emitted during the combustion process to cool (up to 40 ° C) that the water vapor contained in them is condensed. Condensation generates heat that is attributed to the heat exchanger and increases energy efficiency by up to 20%. In other words, the heat generated by the combustion process of the exhaust fumes is added to the heat generated by the combustion process that is released to the heating system. Thanks to its high efficiency, the energy consumption is lower, saving money and reducing emissions to the environment.

The theoretical efficiency that can be achieved with gas condensing boilers with full pre-mixing is 111% and the flue gas temperatures are between 40 and 67 ° C.

In order to further reduce costs when full power is not needed, for example in the transition seasons, the thermal capacity of the boilers is modulated in a wide range – from 17% to 100%. This reduces the number of stops and starts the heat sources.

The new combined gas boilers use a high-tech, very functional new-generation electronic circuit board. The electronic control of the elegant LCD displays the operating modes, water temperature, ambient temperature, warnings and error messages. Extremely flexible control allows remote control of the system. There is continuous monitoring of the boiler for safety, comfort and high efficiency.


The possibilities offered by the SRS series and SSP series:

  • Compatible both for high temperature radiator systems (30-85 ° C) and for low temperature radiant floor systems (30-45 ° C);
  • User information menu;
  • Information menu for the service specialist;
  • Economy mode (eso mode);
  • Demo mode;
  • Continuous time modulation of the combustion process to provide water for heating and DHW;
  • Automatic flame control system;
  • Time to initially increase power;
  • DHW preheating function;
  • Setting the delay time when activating a heating function;
  • Antifreeze function;
  • Antifreeze function for DHW;
  • Non-blocking functions of the circulation pump;
  • Non-blocking feature of the three-way valve;
  • Overload protection function for heating mode;
  • Function of overload protection in DHW mode;
  • Protection against low water pressure in the heating circuit;
  • High pressure water protection in the heating circuit;
  • Error history with error codes (self-diagnosis);
  • Remote control communication channel (opentherm protocol);
  • External temperature compensation function (using an optional external sensor);
  • Choice of gaseous fuel type;
  • Chimney sweep function;
  • Parameter programming function.

The built-in condenser gas boilers SRS and SSP heat exchanger are highly efficient, durable and impact-resistant. The stainless steel heat exchanger has smooth oval pipes and has a long service life and is resistant to condensation. In the SSP series of condensing boilers, domestic hot water entering the boiler passes through stainless steel heat exchangers integrated in addition to the main heat exchanger, thus achieving preheating and condensation. This proves how efficiently the boiler works.


Efficiency increases even further with less radiation losses due to the cold burner housing on the front cover side. The burner is quiet and has a long service life. CO and NOx emissions as a result of combustion are reduced to minimum levels. Rapid maintenance is possible thanks to easy access to the combustion chamber only by removing several nuts.

The pre-mixer, which is used in condensing combined boilers, burns the gas-air mixture in an ideal ratio with a very small flame. The small flame size provides both lower noise levels and minimum levels of harmful emissions. Do not cause air pollution and protect the environment.

The required quantity, depending on the boiler output for the gas-air mixture, is provided by a built-in modulation fan. The fan speed increases or decreases depending on the power. This maintains a low noise level and prevents low efficiency caused by excess air. The gas valve provides a safe gas-burning gas flow according to the modulating fan, which varies according to power. With the Venturi tube, the ideal rate of gas mixing with the air over the entire power range is ensured. This is most important from the point of view of ensuring effective and clean burning.

Maximum safety is guaranteed for you and your boiler with the built-in flue gas extraction system.


Hybrid systems - artificial intelligence for comfortable heating and cooling

Innovative hybrid heating and cooling systems from Ekoterm Proekt offer complete system solutions for comfort. To reach higher temperatures, a gas condensing boiler may be used while the heat pump can provide low-temperature heating and cooling at reduced cost and significantly lower energy consumption. The hybrid heat pump will provide climate comfort as well as domestic hot water for every household. Thanks to the communication between the two heat sources, intelligent hybrid systems can help optimize operating costs, improve energy efficiency and reduce carbon dioxide emissions.


With the purchase of a product from the Ekoterm Proekt distribution network, consumers receive not only a highly efficient, environmentally friendly and economical solution for home and industrial heating, but also a comprehensive service – installation, initial start-up, adjustment, monitoring, warranty and post warranty service.

More information about Eкoterm Proekt and the range of products offered can be obtained from the distribution network all over the country or on our Facebook page.