April 22 2019 0Comment

Ekoterm Proekt Academy a training module for module M-1

The Ekoterm Proekt Academy held on 18 and 19 April the first of the series of trainings for 2019. The start was on Module M-1, where the installers and service specialists further develop their technical knowledge on the topic of “Pellet burners and heating boilers with a trademark GreenEcoTherm “. The training was divided into two parts: theoretical and practical. On the first day lectures were delivered by Eng. Nikolay VANGELOV (Project Manager of Ekoterm Proekt) and engineer Nikolay Rachev (Ekoterm Proekt). They were listened to, with great interest, by all attendees. On the second day of the training, Dimitar Dimitrov (workshop “Ekoterm Proekt”) held the practical part. Following its already established tradition, Ekoterm Proekt, will continue to create and train reliable and knowledgeable professionals in the future.