April 24 2019 0Comment

Ekoterm Proekt Academy a training project on Module M-2

On April 23 and 24 was held the second year of the training on Module 2 of the Ekoterm Academy Proekt. Participants in the training were installers and service specialists from Greece. The company’s products under the GreenEcoTherm and Bisolid trademarks were thematically and thoroughly examined. The lecturers were Eng. Nikolay Vangelov (Project Manager Akademie Ekotherm Project), Eng. Krassimir Kehayov (Department of Electronics), Eng. Nikolay Rachev (Electronics Department) and the practical part was entrusted to Dimitar Dimitrov (Service Ecotherm Project). A tour of the burner and boiler section was explored, where everyone was acquainted with the processes involved in creating each product. With each elapsed training, the Ekoterm Academy Proekt became the vital link between the trained heating professionals and the end customer, looking for secure, competent and fast service.