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Ekoterm Akademy Proekt with first year of technical training

EKOTERM PROEKT Academy held on January 17, 2020, the first module of this year for module M.2 “New products and solutions offered by the company”, entitled “GreenEcoTherm Room Thermostats”.

At the end of 2019, EKOTERM PROEKT established a business partnership with the Turkish company ISIPARK. Founded in 2007, it has become one of the industry-leading appliances manufacturers for the purpose of providing automatic temperature control and quality control for a variety of heating systems and offers GENERAL Life branded products .

Allen, manager of ISIPARK’s R&D department, introduced the training participants to both the company’s history and the features and benefits of individual room thermostat models. The interest in the information he provided, the technical parameters, functions and applications of the products was very great and was accompanied by many questions and clarifications.

EKOTERM PROEKT already offers on the Bulgarian market room thermostats models: HT250S, HT250S SET, HT300S, HT300S SET and HT300S SMART under the GreenEcoTherm trademark. The product range includes: smart thermostats (AC Control, SMART room thermostat, Wi-Fi control); wireless, room thermostats (RF Control); wired room thermostats; thermostats for fan coils. All of them create maximum user and installer convenience, guarantee easy and quick installation and can be used as part of the heating system, in combination with boilers / combined, condensing, gas, pellets, electrical, oil /, intelligent control panels, linear valves and drives. GreenEcoTherm room thermostats can save up to 35% on your heating bill. The offered appliances are the perfect solution for consumers who want reliable, precise and safe temperature control. The thermostats are stylish and modern in design, easy to set up and use.

After the meeting, as part of EKOTERM PROEKT’s marketing strategy, all representatives of the distributor companies received a sample of the GreenEcoTherm HT300S SMART room thermostat as a gift.

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