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Ekoterm Proekt with a new, innovative and stylish range of ecological pellet fireplaces for Bulgaria

In response to the introduction, by the European Union, of strict restrictions on carbon emissions and at the same time increasing energy efficiency, the company “Ecoterm Project” again presents products that meet the current needs of modern society.

The Italian company Eva Stampaggi Srl produces, under the brand name Eva Calòr, elegantly designed fireplaces that are not only economical and efficient in operation, but also easy to clean and use. The range of products is offered exclusively by Ekoterm Proekt – one of the largest manufacturers, traders and distributors of equipment utilizing wood biomass in Bulgaria.


‘Eva Calòr’ is a proven brand representing pellet stoves that are 100% certified, as required by delegated regulation EC 2015/1185, for EcoDesign of local, heat sources.

Upper emission limit according to EU Regulation 2015/1185:

1 Values are expressed in a standardized way, based on dry, flue gases, at 13% oxygen and standard conditions, at 0 ° C and 1,013 millibars.

Eva Calòr offers a wide range of elegant and stylish fireplaces, with a wide variety of colors to choose from. All pellet stoves include a fully programmable electronic control panel. With an efficiency of over 90% and a heat output ranging from 4-27 kW, consumers can also adjust the switching on of fireplaces at certain times of the day. They all have an integrated, mechanical safety system that ensures that their operation will automatically stop in the event of extreme temperatures. By optimizing the combustion process, fireplaces generate a large amount of heat, but there are guarantees that the emissions of flue gases released into the atmosphere are very low.

The fireplace burns wood biomass pellets to generate heat for heating and domestic hot water. By slowly supplying fuel from the hopper, the pellets create a constant flame in the combustion zone, the process is easy to control and requires very few user settings.

EvaCalor products

Eva Calòr pellet stoves are among the best for home heating: state-of-the-art technology, high-quality materials, excellent performance for any type of environment, with very low costs of pellets and electricity. The professionalism and experience that Eva Calor manufacturers have gained over the years are at the service of a huge number of customers, with very different needs, who have chosen pellets as an alternative for heating their homes.

The various Eva Calòr fireplaces on offer are suitable for heating all types of residential and office buildings: from a small house that heats up quickly and very economically, to a large building with specific heating needs.

The offering on the market in Bulgaria of heating boilers and fireplaces, certified according to the requirements for Ecodesign, guarantees consumers lower energy consumption for heating and more money savings, as well as environmental protection and improved air quality. At the same time, the harmonization of ecodesign requirements for heating boilers and fireplaces throughout the European Union will lead to the use of better and more environmentally friendly products.


Ekoterm Proekt continues to closely monitor the development of innovations in the heating, ventilation and air conditioning sector and to create products that meet the highest requirements at European level. More information about Ekoterm Proekt and the range of products offered can be obtained in the distribution network throughout the country, on the Internet at www.eratobg.com or in the company’s Facebook profile.