The “air-water” heat pumps are designed to generate hot water for heating and domestic hot water (DHW) for residential and commercial buildings, hotels, offices, schools, hospitals and more. The hot water outlet temperature ranges from 20 ° C to 60 ° C and meets the requirements of most projects. The heat pump maintains optimal parameters at an outside temperature of -10 ~ 45 ° C. The Modular Management System is capable of meeting the requirements for large-scale heating and DHW projects.
The annual average COP conversion factor is above 5.0. The stated EER energy efficiency ratio is in accordance with EN14511. The water and freon pipes should be well insulated to reduce heat loss.


Client: Sundez
Location: Haskovo, Bulgaria
Architect: Sundez



Product benefits

      • The highly efficient Copeland screw compressor, keeps stable high temperature and high pressure parameters and ensures long service life;
      • Outdoor installation and installation possibility minimize the space required;
      • Large evaporator and condenser to extract more heat from the outside air at a lower ambient temperature;

Product benefits

        • Steel galvanized casing and powder coating of all internal metal parts provide maximum corrosion protection and guarantee long service life;
        • Maximum noise and vibration control, making heat pumps suitable for cooperatives;
        • Automatic defrosting;
        • Supplied with controller panel, tank heating sensor, and hot water tank sensor;
        • Chimney heat exchangers are resistant to corrosion, hard water, high pressure and shock temperatures caused by power outages;
        • Equipment safety features include water temperature monitoring, voltage protection, water coil protection from frost;
        • All safety and precision functions have been tested at the factory to ensure proper operation of all components and emergency switches;
        • All components are carefully designed and selected for reliability, durability and trouble-free everyday work;
        • Easy maintenance and service;
        • The refrigerant loop is easily tested and serviced by using the high and low pressure control points that are built into this circuit.