Wolf-heat pumps-BWL-1S-5_2-kW


Client: Wolf
Location: Haskovo, Bulgaria
Architect: Wolf


The BWL-1S Heat Pump is a device that provides both heating and cooling. It adapts its work to your requirements. This applies to the heating, cooling and DHW mode. The outdoor unit takes up little space and can be installed on a wall mount. And if you live in an area where winter or night is very cold, then an additional electric heater will provide you with a warm heat.


Product benefits

      • High efficiency, with COP up to 3.8 (EN 14 511), means little electricity needed to operate the heat pump;
      • It is equipped with an electric heater (6 kW) which provides extra heat when outdoor temperatures are low;
      • Save energy with A ++ performance class;

Product benefits

      • Easily monitor your consumption with the built-in heat meter;
      • All WOLF products communicate with each other through the WOLF control unit. This means that they are also very easy and intuitive to operate as a complete system;
      • Operation with an integrated BM-2 control module or an AM mount module;
      • It can be combined with other heat sources (naphtha / gas / biomass / solar);
      • Optionally, it is also available as a heating system in combination with a hot water boiler CEW-2-200;
      • Its LAN / WLAN interface module allows BWL-1S to be compatible with SmartHome and so easy to manage through the WOLF SmartSet application or web browser;
      • The control is not included in the price of the facility itself.