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Ekoterm Proekt with a new, innovative and stylish range of ecological pellet fireplaces for Bulgaria

In response to the introduction, by the European Union, of strict restrictions on carbon emissions and at the same time increasing energy efficiency, the company "Ecoterm Project" again presents products that meet the current needs of modern society. The Italian company Eva Stampaggi Srl produces, under the brand name Eva Calòr, elegantly designed fireplaces that [...]

LT-SUN Hybrid System, Ekoterm Proekt Bioenergy Proposal

HEAT PUMP AND PELLET BOILER - PERFECTLY COMPLETED IN A HYBRID SYSTEM! The LT-SUN hybrid system combines, in a perfect and intelligent way, the operation of a split inverter air-to-water heat pump and a pellet boiler for heating and domestic hot water. Provides the optimum amount of heat to guarantee consumers comfort when heating and [...]

Wolf hybrid system, the Ekoterm Proekt’s conventional proposal.

С WITH THE WOLF HYBRID SYSTEM MANAGE YOUR COMFORT! Two leading technologies offered by WOLF, combined intelligently with each other, provide thermal comfort for consumers: - Split air-to-water heat pump BWL-1S for heating and cooling utilizing the available ambient air heat. - And when the outside temperatures get extremely low and it is not cost-effective [...]

Ecoterm Project with an internationally recognized TÜV NORD certificate

Ekoterm Proekt continues to affirm its name as one of the most successful and reliable companies in Bulgaria in the field of production, trade and servicing of heating products. In June 2019, in the headquarters of the company in Haskovo the whole audit procedure and the certification of the company by the internationally recognized standardization [...]